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Organizational Development

Organizational Development is a field of practice that helps people and organizations work toward collective outcomes in a way that considers both organizational and individual interests.

“Field of practice” – OD is a practice rather than a scientific discipline, a social movement, or an occupational category.

“People and organizations” – OD may deal with individual considerations but only in the context of the organizations that they belong to.

“Collective outcomes” – OD is concerned with meeting goals and needs as opposed to simply inculcating values or behaviors.

“Organizational and individual interests” – OD does not support manipulating people toward an end but rather promotes methods for mutually achieved results.

OD Differentiated

OD is not management science.   The latter includes areas such as business strategy, product development, and financial planning, whereas OD’s core concerns are people oriented.

OD is not human resource development.  These two practices are related but have different outlooks and approach people issues differently.

OD is not psychological science.   Although it may be said to have originated from, and draws from the findings of, applied psychology, industrial psychology, organizational psychology, and social psychology, OD is concerned with practice, not with theory or research.

OD is not organization science.  The latter is an academic discipline, whereas OD is a field of work.

OD is not action research.  OD may be said to include action research as a school of thought or movement, but the field of practice of organizational development is more comprehensive.

Why You Need OD

To meet your organizational goals

Unless your organization employs modern management techniques, it cannot be successful.

Unless you promote the happiness of your employees, you cannot achieve operational aims.

Unless you treat employees as internal customers, you will not have the customer service ethic that you need to improve your market share.

If you don’t treat employees well, you will have excessive turnover and won’t be able to hire the best people.

Teamwork is the key organizational need today, and OD has the answers as to how to make teams work.

Change is the constant principle of today, and you need OD to help people accept and promote change.

Quality is consideration number one, and without OD-driven quality management you can’t have quality products or services.

So the bottom line is:  OD raises your profits, increases your share of the market, enhances your corporate image, and raises the value of your stock.

To make your organizational a good place to work

We all spend most of our lives at work – so use OD to make work a good experience.

Why listen to people complain every day – use OD to keep people happy and productive.

You have the power to help or hurt people – use OD for the former.

Free yourself from the burden of management – use OD to create a democratic workplace.

Good people have a better time in life – good people use OD.

Certain values are fundamental to a good life – OD shows how to apply them to organizations.

What’s the point of it all if we can’t have a good time – so let’s apply OD and be happy.

So the bottom line is:  OD helps use you have a good time, enjoy your work, create a good organization, and make your whole organization into a unified wonderful team.

To go in the direction that the world is going

People are more educated and are demanding different workplaces; OD can provide these.

Control and command is dead; use OD for the new management style.

Workplaces have to become democratic or go the way of the dinosaur; OD is needed for this transition.

Everyone else is doing it – you have to use OD, too.

Don’t be a bad practice organization – catch the trendy waves that OD creates.

Technology is driving changes in communication, operations, and management – you need OD to handle this.

It is obvious that best practices are the best – you need OD to discover and implement these

So the bottom line is:  OD leads you into to future, enables you to keep up or surpass your competitors, spots and evaluates the trends for you, and makes you a twenty first century organization.


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